Epic Pitch

I need a herooooo… I’m holding out for a heeerooo ’til the end of the naiii-haiiit!

A Vagrant Theatre Original Production
Written by Erin Rodgers and Mikaela Dyke

Truly epic in scope; picture Joseph Campbell crossed with Michael Bay and David Lean, channelled through the hyperactive mind of a five-year-old. Times ten. (Comic book fans: Axe Cop. ‘Nuff said.)

It seemed like we were in 3D action theatre stimulation: produced and directed by Dyke
The Show

When the elevator pitch for her steampunk epic gets shot down before she even gets to the best part of the story, Bertie Weber is heartbroken. Will she ever get to make her epic a reality? With encouragement from a room full of conference attendees, Bertie reconstructs her Hero’s epic journey using whatever she has to hand. A flip chart of possible landscapes, a broom as a villain, a sea of voices as the sea itself, and a new hero every show help Bertie tell a story that includes everyone in attendance.

Following traditional monomythic story architecture, our hero embarks on a journey to save their blessed village from a prophecy foretelling its eventual doom. Braving high seas, a lawless frontier and a labyrinthine city, the hero finally corners the villain in a face-to-face showdown.